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Yves Carbonne proudly uses:

- Jerzy Drozd Basses:
Legend XII 2.0 Yves Carbonne Signature (12 string semi-acoustic fretless sub-bass guitar), Legend XII YC (12 string midi semi-acoustic fretless sub-bass guitar) & Legend X YC (10 string semi-acoustic fretless sub-bass guitar)


- Noguera Basses:
3 YC 8 (8 string fretted & fretless semi-acoustic sub-bass guitars)
2 YC 6 (6 string fretted & fretless semi-acoustic contrabass guitar)
1 YC sub-bass (4 string fretted sub-bass guitar)


- AccuGroove Cabs:
Whappo Grande


- LaBella Strings:
Hard Rockin' Steel & Super Steps bass, contrabass and custom sub-bass strings


SIT Strings:
Power Steel Custom 6 string sets


- Circle K strings:
Sub-bass strings


- Peterson tuners