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Friday, 04 June 2010 00:11

Practicing the song "Seven Waves", fretless sub-bass part, with the Jerzy Drozd Legend X YC.

Guillaume Eyango: lead & backing vocals
Laurent Maur: harmonica
Roger Biwandu: drums, tambourine
YC: fretless 10-string semi-acoustic sub-bass guitar

My albums are available on amazon, iTunes, cdbaby... thanks!


Tuesday, 01 June 2010 08:11


Sunday, 09 May 2010 17:15

Practicing the song "A Life", 12 string fretless part (bass & chords), with the Jerzy Drozd Legend XII YC.

Guillaume Eyango: lead & backing vocals
Roger Biwandu: drums
YC: fretless 12-string semi-acoustic midi sub-bass & fretless 6-string semi-acoustic contrabass guitars

My albums are available on amazon, iTunes, cdbaby..
. thanks!


Monday, 09 November 2009 23:53


You can listen to 2 full songs from "A Life" now on myspace, and for 30 days.

- Self Made Believer

- Evening In New York



Sunday, 04 October 2009 19:19

"A Life", the new album by Yves Carbonne, will be released in December 2009.

In addition to the vocalist Guillaume Eyango (featured in Carbonne's premiere album "Seven Waves"),
"A Life" also includes a very special guest appearance by Marcus Miller.

"A Life" is a true masterpiece of composition and instrumental exploration, and is a must-have for all music lovers regardless of genre.

Special bonus: Those placing the first fifty orders will receive a compimentary copy of the "Carbonne Di Piazza Manring" trio CD autographed by Yves Carbonne.


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